With Charlotte Marchand

On view at Sancovsky Gallery (São Paulo) from may 10th until June 9th 2018

In the exhibition Campo Aberto, Charlotte Marchand will present her most recent work, along with the research she was invited to work on at the paulistana residency FONTE, established by the artists Marcelo Amorim, Nino Cais and Simone Moraes. During this period, the artist opened her pictorial vocabulary and integrated in it the images and colors of a Brazil where greyness and urban frenzy compete with tropical exuberance and indolence.

This contrast between the daily reality of a megalopolis like São Paulo and Brazil’s exoticism in the foreigners’ imaginary dialogues with the artist’s production. Navigating between simple lines, almost childlike, and a minimalist, geometrical rigorousness, Charlotte Marchand seems to formally synthetize an array of emotions expressing both childhood’s innocence and jubilation as adulthood’s anguishes.

Vibrant colors of the artists painting,  sometimes flat paint, sprayed, or spilt, sliding from the canvas, sometimes matter accumulated; contradict with the poetic and the nostalgia of the drawings and of the collages integrated in the artwork, each one reinforcing the charge of the other, as an expression of our contemporary world's tensions.

Using the pictorial field as a field of experimentation, Charlotte Marchand composes figurative abstractions, using familiar elements, places, objects or people as background. She uses and deconstructs personal references or references borrowed to decorative arts, dismantling them to the point of explosion of their structures. Her works, mix of techniques and genres, can be seen as a kind of diary, fantastic story of travels, events or life stages, coming out as a reinvented equilibrium.

The repetition of the desconstruction of the structures, the provocation and the use of randomness, the freedom in the composition and the stroke, characterize the work of the artist, who explores painting’s and drawing’s possibilities. Consequently, Charlotte Marchand transforms the pictorial field in an open field of visual experimentations.

French artists based in Brussels, Charlotte Marchand develops an abstract narrative, mixing painting, drawing and collage, using superpositions, materials and colors in a hybrid and vibrant production. Graduated in painting and tridimensional research from ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels (2000), she is represented in Belgium by Yoko Uhoda gallery. Among her recent solo shows “Ma chambre à toi”, with Les Interstices (Brussels 2017), "Microgravité", galerie Yoko Uhoda (Liège 2017),  « Paintings and drawings », MAAC (Brussels, 2014) and “Peintures”, Galerie Rive Gauche, (Namur 2012). She was awarded with the Louis Schmidt prize in 2012 and the Médiatine prize in 2007.

With the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International and the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles